Breast Onco Surgery

The Breast Clinic at PFRC provides advanced treatment for preventing and treating breast cancer. Whether it's breast imaging, breast surgery, or breast reconstruction, Breast conserving surgery (BCS) is a procedure in which only the cancerous tissue around the breast is removed. When the size of the breast cancer is small in comparison to the size of the breast, and when the cancer is localised to one part of the breast, BCS can be performed instead of a mastectomy. Radiation therapy is typically administered after surgery for BCS. The type of surgery has no impact on other treatments like hormone therapy or chemotherapy. When it comes to BCS or mastectomy, the survival rates are identical.

In order to maintain the natural form of the breasts after BCS, reconstructive surgery may be performed. By doing so, the breast's surrounding tissues can be used to patch up the area where the tumour once was. Surgical removal of breast cancer combined with breast reconstruction is called oncoplastic mastectomy. When a tumour is present in a breast, it is sometimes possible to reshape the breast at the same time for cosmetic purposes in women who have particularly large breasts. The treated side of the breast may become smaller as a result. At a later time, if the patient so desires, the unaffected breast can be reshaped to resemble the altered one.

Whether you're having a simple mastectomy and breast-conserving therapy or an oncoplastic mastectomy and breast-reconstruction, you'll need to undergo the standard battery of pre- and post-operative tests to ensure your health and safety. These treatments typically take between 60 and 120 minutes. You will be asked to bring a sports bra with you in order to use it after surgery in order to provide adequate support.