When we began operations at Prashanth Fertility Research Centre, we focused exclusively on Infertility. We offered the latest methodologies and technologies to assist childless couples realise their dreams and delivered on that promise and much more. In a short span of time, we widened our scope and started Prashanth Multi Speciality Hospital.

To extend our reach further to the southern part of Chennai, we started Prashanth Super Speciality Hospital. This tertiary care hospital offers the finest medical and surgical care across multiple specialities in a world-class environment



To become an internationally acclaimed medical institution, providing excellent health care services to the patients from all walks of life.



To sustain the trust of the patients by providing good quality health care services.



Quality of Care, Respect for persons, Professional Competence, Effectiveness of Care, Safety, Accessibility, Continuity of Care and Service, Creating public awareness on health matters.

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