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Newborn Follow-up Clinics

Positive Thoughts Clinic

Positive thoughts can boost the quality of both your mental and physical health. This is our antenatal counseling clinic, wherein we counsel the mothers with high-risk pregnancies. We boost their confidence levels and reassure them safe motherhood and a healthy baby.

First Feed Clinic

The clinic supports breastfeeding by educating and encouraging the mothers and mothers-to-be regarding the benefits of breastfeeding the child for the first 6 months. Breastfeeding gives your baby the best possible start in life and benefits you too. We offer you the best help and support.

Growth Plan Clinic

Our growth and development clinic gives the much needed special attention to the child when it comes to developmental delay. Along with the pediatricians, we have experts in physiotherapy, occupational therapy, and speech therapy. Assessment for vision and hearing is also advised for the babies if needed.

ELBW Clinic

We practice follow-up for extremely low birth weight babies born here with utmost tender loving care, promoting a smooth transition of ELBW babies from neonatal intensive care to motherly care. We also educate mothers and caregivers.

Shots Time Clinic

Our vaccine clinic schedules your baby’s vaccines, reminding you at the right time. Briefing on newly available vaccines and solutions for vaccine-related problems are also given.

Tender Care Clinic

Our routine pediatric clinic helps to treat the day-to-day problems in children. Emergency attention is available 24/7 by the specialists. Routine visits come under the “see soon” category where a specific time is scheduled for consultation by the consultant.